Presto – Pristine’s Predictive Analytics Platform for Pricing, Promotion and Targeted offers provides the most advanced machine learning solutions to help retailers better compete while increasing margins, shopper visits and basket sizes. Pristine invites you to try our platform; working with your data, our team can deliver actual price recommendations in as little as 4 weeks. This allows new customers to start experiencing the power of our solutions while validating the potential ROI retailers can achieve leveraging Pristine. The Pristine team sets up all the data leveraging your existing data feeds so that your users simply start using the platform in less than a month.

Not just another tool for Pricing & Promotions, Pristine Retail Solutions creates a ROI model using your T-log data to predict margin and ROI across categories.

Using predictive science, our Segment of One creates promotions for individual shoppers based upon their purchase history.

Fresh and random weights are often excluded from price optimization tools due to the degree of difficulty. Pristine has solved this challenge, leading to increased ROI in these cornerstone categories.

Pristine uses your guidelines to automate pricing and promotions recommendations, allowing resources to focus on strategic activities rather than administrative tasks.

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